Wednesday, July 23, 2008

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Baseball (and Florida) has hit a new low.

We all know that Miami, Florida brings out the best in people (e.g.: 2.Live Crew, Goldberg, Don Johnson, William Calley, Ricky Martin, Jonathan James, and of course Scarface). That's why it makes perfect sense that the Florida Marlins are home to the world's first
two-ton dance team.

The "Manatees" (wow, so clever) are a group of obese men who blunder around the Marlins baseball field during MLB games. Here's a video of one of their sad, sad performances (you don't need sound, I'll fill you in on the pathetic details).

Pathetic details: They have a choreographer, who I'm going to assume is doing this as part of a criminal sentence. As you can see in the video, the ringleader of this operation, "Mr. Mantastic" wears a muscle suit, which simply makes his obesity appear to be more evenly distributed throughout his body.

Major League Baseball isn't known for its on-field entertainment...and these guys prove it should stay that way.

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