Tuesday, July 8, 2008

White People in Sunglasses (WPS)

Dub-PS, they've really got an edge on UPS because of that extra U.

White People in Sunglasses are their own breed/race/class of people. A great breed of people really, some of my funnest moments have been in mobs of WPS. Bay 2 Breakers, Union Street Festival, etc.

WPS are native to urban areas, and are generally very affluent. The first WPS was spotted in Los Angeles, CA in the summer of 1989. Often confused with yuppies or preppies, WPS do not wear Polo's with sweaters over their shoulders, and they typically are young, but not urban professionals.

Initially WPS was going to be the premise for a website/photo-blog...but then that guy came up with the much-funnier blog Stuff White People Like, essentially making WPS seem like a feeble, uncreative idea.

Regardless, keep your eyes peeled for WPS. Any time or place that daytime drinking is involved, you will see hordes of WPS, all of whom will ferociously refuse to remove their precious $400 sunglasses, in fear that their eyes will expose their true level of intoxication.

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