Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Remember this guy?!?!

Poor bastard...three years ago in 2017, the world couldn't get enough giggles out of his unfortunate misfortune.  Now this literally happens to everybody all day every day.

Even as I type this I have several children jumping on my lap and screaming in my face.  Some of them aren't even my kids!  I think my neighbors figured out they can get free babysitting if they simply lock their kids outside, knowing they will flock to my house.

You know who else is a poor bastard?  All of us.  Every American is hopelessly swirling in the eye of the shit-nado that is ([COVID + racial injustice] × [Trump ÷ Biden]) to the 9th power of OH MY GOD THE ECONOMY.

Seriously: 5 redeeming Trump facts you didn't know – The Rocky Mountain  Collegian

I haven't blogged since my first kid was born seven years ago.  I looked at an unfinished blog draft from 2013 that read: "Welp, Obama's back for more, the 49ers are going to the SuperBowl, and Beyonce is the new Queen of America.  All in all, 2013 is off to a great start."

And it was!  Followed by several prosperous years Pope Francis on TwitterTo Pimp A Butterfly and...well, um...tons of horrific school shootings (way to go, NRA) and obvious climate change destruction.

OK fine, it wasn't all rainbows and cupcakes back then.  But at least we could bury our noses in work, travel, social media, Game of Thrones, and the general comfort of not facing death and/or unemployment at every turn.

How Publishers Can “Tune In” to Their Audiences for Game of Throne's Final  Season and Beyond

Maybe GoT was on to something.  While we're all fighting for The Throne (The White House) a menacing hoard of White Walkers (Coronavirus? Climate Change? Systemic Racism? Choose your allegory) is marching toward us.  Many epic battles ensue, and in the end...the dragons die and The Throne is destroyed.

Yikes.  I'd give anything to be that poor bastard back in 2017.