Wednesday, July 16, 2008

That's not cool, man.

I was thinking the other day, what if "Clown" was a race? What if some people were born looking like circus clowns, make-up and all? And people of Clown ethnicity had always been treated as a lesser-class of people, subordinated by all non-Clowns.

Eventually it would become public policy that Clowns should be treated equally as all non-Clowns. It would be politically incorrect to call someone "Bobo" or "Krusty", because of its negative connotation. There would be a host of stereotypes that would be associated with Clowns, like big shoes, malnutrition, obnoxious laugh, or incredibly convenient clumsiness.

"You wouldn't believe the guy who rear-ended me yesterday. It was this fucking Clown! Like, of course dude, of course you can't drive with those giant shoes!"

"I hate taking that bus, there's always some Clown on there being loud and obnoxious with those toys they always have."

"So she actually brings over this guy...a Clown. So of course I immediately start watching his hands around all my stuff, because you know how clumsy they are."

Eventually there would be public-service announcements where someone would say a Clown comment like "I don't want a bunch of Clowns coming to my party, you know how quickly that party will get broken up!", and then his friend would turn to him and say in complete seriousness: "That's not cool, man."


test123 said...

is this some way of promoting the dark knight? are you getting paid for this?

MonoCoque said...

Haha, unfortunately no, but there will be an official MonoCoque review of The Dark Night on Monday, July 21st.