Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blag Blag Blog

Is anyone honestly surprised by this? Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was just arrested on federal corruption charges, and it's all over the news. Well no shit. Just look at the guy! I've never seen more of a "why am I not surprised to hear this guy is a douchebag" face.

The writing was certainly on the wall. His office is in the state capital of Springfield, 200 miles outside of his home in Chicago. Because he didn't want to live in the Illinois Executive Mansion, he opted to fly private between the two, on $6,000 tax dollars a day. Meanwhile, he requires that the Mansion stay vacant. Not exactly signs of good character here.

After shutting down a relative's landfill (shady) in 2005, he used the term "testicular virility" to refer to himself. That alone almost confirms his douchebag status. His office has been investigated or indicted on charges of hiring fraud, extortion, accepting kickbacks, and shakedowns.

Apparently, Rod Blagojevich went to law school and became a lawyer. I just took two exams on legal ethics, and they didn't even talk about these kinds of crimes...because everyone knows they're illegal. Now the guy has been arrested for attempting to sell Obama's old Senate seat. I'm gonna go ahead and say I'm not surprised at all by this....just look at the guy!

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Unknown said...

Given Illinois's recent history with law-abiding governors, and given his 1920s-Chicago-gangster-hair, no one should be surprised. (Also, apparently he keeps a special hairbrush on his person at all times, his aides call it "the football.") But seriously, he's not thaaat least he's a cubs fan.