Thursday, July 16, 2009

After three long years...

Please comment on your experience with the law school's administration:

The Law administration was consistently frustrating to work with. They often provided delayed, contradicting, and incorrect information. From inaccurate information regarding my financial aid before I began school, all the way through arranging for an externship in my final year, I consistently found the administrative staff to be non-responsive and unhelpful. This lack of functional ability combined with a constant stream of duplicative, condescending, and often sarcastic emails created a frustratingly unprofessional environment amongst the Law administration. In contrast, my experience with the Undergraduate administration during my undergrad career was quite the opposite.

Please comment on the law school classroom facilities:

It's time for a new law building with wide hallways or multiple hallways, windows, and clean communal areas. Last time I was in the "lounge" a mouse ran over my foot. The bottleneck of the single small hallway lined with 1L lockers is ridiculous and unnecessary.

Please comment on the law school library facilities:

It's also time for a new law library with decent chairs, a functional heating/cooling system and roof, larger study rooms, and more windows. And for God's sake, let us eat and drink in the library, even if it's restricted to one floor. We spend all day in there. We're not children, and we don't want to work in a filthy library any more than you do. "Fines for food" or whatever is absurd, and is only appropriate for middle-schoolers.

Please comment on the law school e-mail communication with students:

Comically excessive and ineffective. I received every single e-mail from at least three separate sources, sometimes from as many as six sources ("General School Updates" "Bursar's Office" "Official Announcements" "Law Records" "Susan Erwin" "Graduate Students"). Such duplication is good cause to stop checking e-mail. DO NOT E-MAIL BLOG POSTS. That's the beauty of a blog - you can freely check it as you please, rather than having the information from several blogs jammed into your email every day. TITLE YOUR E-MAILS ACCURATELY AND PROFESSIONALLY. Questions and "tricky" comments are not appropriate e-mail subject lines; we are busy, and don't have time to wade through dozens (literally) of daily emails with cryptic subject lines. For example, the first email regarding this survey was titled "Graduating Students Survey." That's appropriate. The second, third, and fourth emails were titled "Only 50 of you have an opinion????" That's useless. That subject line means nothing to anyone. We are studying as professionals. I have worked in three professional firms, none of which ever used email subject lines like this, or wrote email subjects in ALL CAPS. Email is a professional tool, not Facebook. Use it appropriately, otherwise no one will read it, and no one will respond, no matter how many snide comments, CAPS, or exclamation marks you use.

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